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Learning Priority is providing great opportunities during these school closure times.

1. Reading Fluency Suite - Students can read and record passages. LST will score them and students will automatically have word work assigned, as well as comprehension quizzes and sight words. Teachers can listen to the kids read, and also view the scores.
Follow this link for a student tutorial: LP Fluency Student Video Guide.

2. Reading Register - Kids read books or passages and create their own assignments with a choice of 5 activities. Students can also see what books other kids are reading and reflect ‘meaning making’ through their creative activities.
Follow this link for a student tutorial: Reading Register Student Video Guide

1. Reading Fluency Suite
Select a passage from any source of your choice.

(Reading AZ, Reading for comprehension, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Newsela, Epic, etc) Using this passage you can also select one or all of the following activities for your students.LST will upload and assign them to your students’ portal.

A. Fluency Reading

Your student will be able to read it out loud, and retell the information retained. (1 minute)

B. Comprehension Questions
C. Sight Words

target specific vocabulary standards. Students will record each word out loud, all error words are assigned again. Students may view their results after. check

D. Word Work

automatically generates a vocabulary list from each student’s words read incorrectly in their fluency passage. Students will search the definition of the misread word, pronunciation, create a sentence, then record it using the word correctly.

2. Reading Register

Using a passage, article, book of teacher’s or student’s choice. Kids can enter independent “meaning making” activities, that reflect their connection and creativity towards what they read. They can write a Review , say a Retell (these two are the most encouraged), create a Quiz, or make a descriptive Drawing or diagram. Student worksheet instructions for each activity can be provided to teachers.

A. Written Review

Students will type a review with details like the genre, main characters or subject, a sequential plot, and their expressive opinion . Hence, creating connection and interest towards what they are reading.

B. Audio Retell

Children can comfortably speak in length about what they read. Again, they will give concrete information like: genres, main characters or subjects, a sequential plot, and their expressive opinion.

C. Quiz Creation

Kids can self create a 10 question quiz of what they read. Using a sequential order they can generate 6 basic questions and 4 more challenging ones.

D. Drawing or Diagram

Students will create a descriptive drawing or diagram of the plot of the story, their favorite part, or sequence of the beginning, middle, end; as instructed by the teacher.

Teachers are welcome to email LST staff with a passage, article, or book of your choice, indicating the activities you’re selecting for your class. LST will give you weekly reports of your students' scores. We will provide individualized explanation and teacher training if you’d like to explore more possibilities. We will reach out one by one as needed through google hangout, zoom, phone calls, or other online means.

Liliania Rabelo
Nelly Jauregui
Teresa Jauregui

LST is providing great opportunities during these school closure times.

Small Groups

We are now providing support for teachers by forming reading groups to read and complete reading comprehension activities together.

These groups can be directed to include students who need help improving their reading, who are having trouble transitioning to online learning, or need extra support and motivation to join their class activities.

Also, they can be made up of students who enjoy reading, want to be engaged and form part of a book club to make reading fun!

*LST will order books for the students and mail them out to their homes. We will set a weekly time to meet with the group of students and report back to the teacher on the student progress.
We will also have online reading sources and activities from Learning Priority.com
Please reach out to us, we are happy to help!
Liliania Rabelo
Nelly Jauregui
Teresa Jauregui
Laura Camarillo-Torres