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About Us

            Learning Priority was born from the experience and vision of a teacher, coach, leader with years of experience in classrooms and as superintendent of school Districts. From its origin, it developed its design and function through interactions with classroom teachers and experts in a variety of fields.

            LP has developed technological solutions that assist teachers in processes that help them know and connect with learners. LP tools seek to utilize technology to save time that teachers can utilize to make human connections with learners. LP tools also offer learners opportunities to collaborate with each other as well as connecting with their teacher, parents, and peers in ways that amplify the social construction of learning. Learning Priority offers school Districts, teachers, parents, and learners technological solutions that have been developed in close cooperation with real world contexts. LP also offers school Districts the opportunity to develop custom solutions for technology integration.

            LP helps makes learning the priority in school organizations and cultures. As a technology company, we seek to enable these key ideas related to integrating technology in schools and classrooms;

  • Technology can help teachers individualize instruction.
  • Technology can free up time for teachers to individualize instruction.
  • Human interaction with technology is key.
  • Balancing content and process learning is key
  • Performance tasks are the future tools for developing collaboration and communication
  • Technology can save money in school systems
  • Technology can improve school culture
  • The electronic school can extend learning to whenever and wherever students are
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